books / book contributions by Paul RW Jackson

Malcolm Arnold Companion

- ed. A. Poulton (2023)

Chapters : 'The Ballet Music, The Little Suite For Brass No.3'

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers

- ed L. Sanders and J. Butterworth (2020)

Chapter : 'Liv Lorent'


chapter : 'liv lorent'

Transmissions in Dance

ed. L. Main, Palgrave (2018)

Chapter : 'The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Robert Cohan'

transmissions in dance book cover



Chapter : 'The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Robert Cohan'

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The Last Guru

- Sir Robert Cohan (2013)

Robert Cohan is part of the pantheon of American contemporary choreographers which includes Alvin Ailey and Paul Taylor. Like them he follows in the tradition of their teacher Martha Graham whose works were grounded in finding through dance a way to express the human condition in all its forms. This he has done in over fifty works, from early solos and duets to large group works which have been performed by contemporary and ballet companies around the world. A distinguished teacher, choreographer and advocate for dance, he has shaped the lives of generations of dance artists.

This book is based on extensive interviews with Cohan, his family, friends and colleagues. Drawing together his life in dance around the world, it provides the first in depth study of this seminal figure in the dance world. '

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The Brilliant and the Dark

- Sir Malcolm Arnold (2003)

' "All of my music is biographical" declared Sir Malcolm Arnold in an interview in 1991. Arnold's turbulent life has permeated his music to a greater degree than probably any other British composer as Paul Jackson reveals in this illuminating account. Interweaving biographical details with close analyses of Arnold's major works, particularly the nine symphonies, and drawing on sketch materials never previously examined, Jackson provides fascinating insights into Arnold's compositional process, and the ideas informing works such as the John Field Fantasy and the 7th Symphony.

Extensive interviews with Arnold himself as well as with his family, friends and colleagues add further perspectives on his relationships with fellow composers and musicians, publishers, critics and family. A combination of joie de vivre and periods of depression and personal tragedy, Arnold's life has mirrored his music in its combination of seemingly disparate elements that make a compelling whole. '


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Music and Literature

- Sir Arthur Bliss (2002)

Chapter : 'An American Interlude'


Chapter - 'An American Interlude'

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articles and reviews by Paul RW Jackson


'Obituary Jospeh Horowitz 1926 - 2022'
dancing times - april 2022

'No ordinary joe'
a celebration of joseph horowitz 1926 - 2022
British Music Society - april 2022


'Obituary Sir Robert Cohan 1925 - 2021'
Dancing Times - March 2021


In conversation with choreographer Robert Cohan : "I have no choice but to begin"

dancing times - may 2020


Coordinated Exhibition

balletLORENT at 25

Northern Stage


Omne Trivium Perfectum

essay for Ballet Lorent programme for Snow White


'Martha Graham: Goddess of Contemporary Dance' 17 April 2015

BBC ARTS website

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Introductory essay for Ballet Lorent programme for tour of Rapunzel


'Dorothy Madden 1912-2009 An American Revolutionary'
Dance Research, Winter


'Richard Arnell 1917-2009, his life and music'
British Music Society


'Remembering Trudy'
Bliss Society Journal - Spring edition


'Lady Bliss 1904-2008, a memoir'
British Music Society


'The ballet music of Dennis ap Ivor'
Dance Now - Winter edition


'MacMillan and Music'
British Music Society Journal 2007 Richard Arnell; a 90th birthday tribute - British Music Society Journal


Richard Arnell; a 90th birthday tribute
British Music Society Journal


The ballets of Richard Arnell
Dance Now - Autumn edition


Of ballet, {boyz] and spectacle, the work of Liv Lorent
Dance Now - Spring edition


May O’ Donnell, dance pioneer
Dance Now - Spring edition


The American Invasion (DVD review)
Dance Now - Spring edition


'Solitaire and Homage to the Queen'
Sir Malcolm Arnold website


'The ballet music of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett'
Dance Now - Spring edition

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'Trudy at 100 - A Birthday Centenary Celebration of Lady Bliss'
Bliss Society Journal - Spring edition

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'The ballet music of John McCabe'
Dance Now - Winter edition

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Stephanie Jordan, Music for Dance (book review)
Dance Now - Winter edition


British Dance 2000 Edition
Dance Now - Spring edition


Something appealing (dance review)
Dance Now - Spring edition


Frontier (book review)
Dance Now - Winter edition


Birds Eye View (book review)
Dance Now - Autumn edition


Northern Dance (festival review)
Dance Now - Spring edition


Goddess (book review)
Dance Now - Autumn edition


The ballet music of Wilfred Josephs
Dance Now - Autumn edition


Dance and Music
Performance Journal - Winter edition


Horovitz at the Ballet
Dance Now - Winter edition


Novello Music Publishers
Composers Catalogue


Dance Umbrella (review)
Dance Now - Winter edition


Saburo Teshigawara in Newcastle (review)
Dance Now -, Autumn edition


Martha Graham in Edinburgh (review)
Dance Now - Autumn edition


Lost and Found
Beckus No21


Martha Graham
Dance Now - Summer edition


Gavin Gordon
Dance Now - Spring edition


The ballet music of Sir Arthur Bliss
Dance Now - Winter edition


Becoming Lloyd
Dance Now - Autumn edition


The ballet music of Sir Malcolm Arnold
Dance Now - Winter edition

1991 - 1993

Editor and founder of The Malcolm Arnold Society and Journal

conference papers and public lectures given by Paul RW Jackson


Society for Dance Research Legacy Project
Panel IX Chair: Helena Hammond
Paul Jackson, Victoria Thoms

Dance Fields Conference

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Martha Graham Dance Company
Keynote address at gala in honour of Robert Cohan
Venue: Martha Graham Studio Theatre, New York, USA


Public interview with Robert Cohan on choreo-musical collaboration
Venue: Dance UK National Conference; Sadler's Wells, London, UK


Society for Dance Research
Paper presented: 'Dorothy Madden American Revolutionary'
Venue: Roehampton University, London, UK


CORD (Congress on Research in Dance) 40th anniversary conference
Paper presented: 'Robert Cohan and the development of a British contemporary dance technique'
Venue: Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, USA


SCODHE/SCUDD Conference - Panellist/Chair/Organiser - The Legacy of Robert Cohan
Venue: University College Northampton, UK


ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) Conference
Panel member symposium Music and Dance
Venue: Lucerne, Switzerland


Revealing MacMillan
Paper presented: 'MacMillan and Music' and panel member alongside Dame Monica Mason,
Barry Wordsworth, Brian Elias and Stephanie Jordan
Venue: Royal Academy of Dance, London, UK

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